Haramain Quran App

A comprehensive app for recitations, interpretations and translations of the meanings of the holy Quran.

Through this app, you can listen to the recitation of the holy Quran by several reciters, understand the message of the Quran using interpretations, and the translation of the meanings of the Qur’an in several languages.

In addition to features such as: quick search, setting timer for the recitation to stop after a while, repeating the verses, and adding notes.

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With al-Haramain App, keep the book of Allah on your phone and recite it wherever you are.

App Features

Advanced Features with a Unique and Attractive Design

Reciting the Holy Quran with the narration of Hafs, from the Mushaf Madinah or the Mushaf Qatar, Interpretation, translation, advance search, listening to multiple recitations or reciters, bookmarks and transcribe notes on verses.


Reading the Holy Qur’an with the narration of Hafs from the Mushaf Madinah or Mushaf Qatar.


Display different interpretations next to each verse, with the ability to copy and share it with others

The Translations

Choose from different translations of the meanings of the Noble Qur’an.

مصحف الحرمين


Listening to the chosen verse or verses in the voice of your favorite reciter among many reciters.


Advanced and quick search (by word, verse, or surah name).


Mark the page with bookmarks to help you read and re-open on the last position.

Add notes and thoughts

Take notes and add thoughts to help you contemplate while reading the Qur’an, tafsir, or translation.


Share a verse with its exegesis or translation through email or social media apps.


Add verses to favorites and come back to them anytime.


Manage downloads, change application language and other settings.

The Library

Download Mushaf Madinah and Qatar, and a number of interpretations and the translations in different languages.

Other Features...

A smooth and user friendly interface in both Arabic and English, and much more features.

All you need to read, listen, memorize and contemplate the Holy Quran in one place

Completely free and free of any ads, with a special distinctive design, with light and dark mode.

The Mushaf Haramain App is your special Quran

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